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This article presents a case study of sustained entrepreneurial growth of Kingdom Financial Holdings. It is one of the entrepreneurial banks which survived the financial crisis that started in Zimbabwe in 2003. The bank was established in 1994 by four entrepreneurial young bankers. It has grown substantially over the years. The case examines the origins, growth and expansion of the bank. It concludes by summarizing lessons or principles that can be derived from this case that maybe applicable to entrepreneurs. Profile of an Entrepreneur: Nigel Chanakira Nigel Chanakira was raised in the Highfield suburb of Harare in an entrepreneurial family. His father and uncle operated a public transport company Modern Express and later diversified into retail shops. Nigel’s father later exited the family business. He bought out one of the […]

This is a moot question and there is no firm answer to this at this point of time. China has gradually started reducing its exposure to the US dollar and it may just be paring its risk, given the uncertainty of the US economic conditions or it may be strategically embattled in dethroning the US dollar as the world reserve currency. China reduced its US Treasuries holdings substantially in June this year in the face of falling returns on the instruments. Further, China seems to be investing in government paper of Europe, Korea and Japan. As per a US government report, China reduced its holding of long term US Treasuries by $ 21.2 billion in June to $ 839.7 billion. China reportedly has purchased over $ 20 billion more of […]

The Isthmus of Tehuantepec is a 120 mile strip of land between the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico, almost entirely in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca. It’s been inhabited by indigenous groups with different languages and customs for millennia. Since colonial times it’s attracted both national and international attention because of its important geographical location and richness of resources. In No Word for Welcome: The Mexican Village Faces the Global Economy (University of Nebraska Press, 2011), author Wendy Call, a self – described grassroots organizer and researcher, makes an impassioned plea; if not for halting the invasion of the global economy into Oaxaca’s Isthmus of Tehuantepec, then for proceeding only after critical evaluation of environmental and cultural impact studies. Ms. Call spent two consecutive years living and working […]

Most of the businesses seeking to attain an edge in the global market need services of a translation company for filing papers, reports and documents with various organizations. With the help of a professional translation service, businesses can get their legal and critical financial documents translated. Both private and public companies, with multi-national presence look for high quality financial translation services for supporting their international business processes. They use these services for complying with the local reporting necessity. This justifiably calls for extremely specialized language transformation companies who have experts, well-known with the finance industry and its related regulations. If you avail this service for your business, always look for providers who have complete understanding of various laws and policies in the target area which is a vital aspect in […]

Good credit is everyone’s dream. A wise use of credit can go a long way. It certainly makes certain goals in life (like acquiring business loan from bank) easily attainable. But the key question remains: “What does it take to achieve ‘Triple A’ credit?” First and foremost, it is important it is critical to point out where most people go wrong when it comes to their credit and credit report. People with bad credit will usually seek credit repair help. Most would seek credit expert advice and few will try to do it themselves by purchasing a credit repair book. Mainly, the problem is not the type of help you hire, rather the assumption you are left with after the whole credit repair process. Where most people go wrong is […]

It can take a tremendous amount of courage and faith to take charge of our financial destiny but the price we'll pay if we do not is like buying on credit: Every day that goes by without getting it handled just makes the ultimate price steeper And steeper. Here are the Top 10 Way to turn that around and be the one in Charge of YOUR Financial Destiny. 1. Establish your financial baseline. Get a crystal clear picture of where you're at – right now! Track down everything and nail the numbers down. For some of you that may mean that you need to … 2. Face the music. There may be a few of you having difficulty coming to terms with just how well off you are, but you're […]

As of July, 2007, the Central Intelligence Agency for the United States government estimated that the population of China is over one billion three hundred twenty one million people. In contrast, the population of the United States is estimated to be a little over three hundred two million people. That’s 1,321,000,000 versus 302,000,000 people; China has over four times the population of the U.S. In the past two decades China has completed and put into operation over 2000 large and medium-sized industrial projects; these include railways, atomic power stations and completely new cities. There has been ginormous investments in other fixed assets such as basic industries, 100,000 new reservoirs for water storage, irrigated land, coal mining, oil-drilling, steel-making, power generation, highway construction, and newly constructed and extended ports. China has […]

A discretionary rules-based trading system (I'm assuming you DO have a trading system, whether a complex algorithm, or 5 simple rules you follow) will have a built-in element for trading mistakes. The size of the permission for mistakes will vary for every trader. Perhaps you are a very disciplined trader and make few mistakes, or you may be a less experienced trader, make a lot of mistakes, and therefore you have a greater allowance in your trading system for your mistakes. Either way, a trading system should account for mistakes when calculating the expected annual returns of the system. Discounting for Mistakes A workable trading system assumes a positive return with a certain percentage return assigned to each trade. This is an average of the winning and losing trades in […]

Small business owners across the country, have been affected by the challenges of this economy more than any other type of business. They are the group that has the least resources and leverage to counter what is taking place in their businesses. Phones that rang relentlessly only 1 year ago, are barely ringing today, if at all. Customer cancellations are abundant. They are experiencing declining sales, increasing costs and decreasing lines of credit. Plus, they are realizing a shortage of cash that can not be generated quickly enough to stay competitive. As a result, advertising and marketing budgets have been exteniably depleted. So, how do they survive in this cash strapped economy, given these circumstances? How do the remaining businesses keep from joining those that have already closed their doors? […]

The financial world has seen an explosion in the annuity marketplace over the last 15 years. With the Baby Boomers coming into retirement at the rate of 10,000 per day the insurance companies have not missed the opportunity to design, market, and sell record amounts of annuities – both in contracts sold and premium dollars paid – during this timeframe. The proposals that are coming out of Washington to enhance the scrutiny of the sales of annuities have been grabbing the attention of not only the financial and political media – but also the general media. The concerns stem from the sales of annuities to those that do not fully understand all the contract language – especially the terms related to lengthy and stiff penalties if a contract owner changes […]